The Pro's & Con's to Selling Your Home Furnished

Real Estate

Selling your home with all, or most of your furniture, could be a great way to transition to a new place. If you are looking to start with a clean slate in your next home, it’s a great way to part ways with your existing furnishings without holding a separate contents sale. The viability of selling your house and its contents is as much your buyer’s decision as yours, but if the opportunity presents itself, what would you do?

The Pro's, Con's & Tips To Selling Your Home Furnished:

- Furniture in a home helps most potential buyers visualize themselves in the home and how to work with the available space

- If you want to start with a clean slate then selling your home furnished is a great way to efficiently sell your furniture without having to have a separate sale which can be very time consuming and overwhelming

- If you are selling a vacation property or a second home, you should consider selling the place with fixtures, furniture, and décor. Potential buyers often don’t have furniture for a cabin or beach house and are generally more amenable to pre-owned furniture

- However, if you are selling what would be a primary residence, buyers generally want to bring their own style and energy to a space because they will spend more time there, and have their friends and family over to visit

- For first time home-buyers (or anyone for that matter) moving into a stark, empty home can be overwhelming. Therefore, giving buyers the option to buy furnished can take away some of that stress and make your home even more attractive to potential buyers. You can do price options for your home - one price for furnished, one price for unfurnished

- Remember, a lot of banks won’t allow for the value of furniture to be added to a mortgage, so consider a separate bill of sale if your buyer is interested in purchasing the home furnished

- If you have modern, contemporary and clean furniture then it may be worth keeping your home furnished. However, as much as you may love that plaid couch or faux leather lazy-boy potential buyers may not feel the same...

- If you want to sell some of the furniture but not all, consider staging. Statistically homes that are staged sell quicker than those that are not. If you are only including SOME pieces with the sale of the home remember to disclose that items that are NOT included.